WIPAC at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in Madison

Participants of CUWiP
Edward Leonard Jr.


The UW–Madison Department of Physics hosted a meeting of the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) this past weekend (Jan 13-15, 2017) at Chamberlin Hall, UW–Madison. This event was one of ten CUWiP conferences held simultaneously around the US and in Canada. WIPAC was a main collaborator and also hosted an IceCube booth.


Over 140 undergraduate students from the Midwest (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa), including students from many of the UW branch campuses, participated. The meeting included presentations from prominent women in physics, opportunities for networking, career advice and support, and a student poster session.


The meetings are cosponsored nationally by the American Physical Society, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy. The UW–Madison conference involved other collaborators and supporters, including the Department of Physics, WIPAC, the Graduate School, Letters and Science, and the Brittingham Family Foundation.


The lead organizers were Susan Coppersmith, Robert E. Fassnacht and Vilas Research Professor of Physics; Lisa Everett, Professor of Physics; Laura Fleming, Associate Instrument Specialist, Department of Physics; and Pupa Gilbert, Professor of Physics, Chemistry, and Geoscience. The local organizing committee also included WIPAC staff members Sílvia Bravo Gallart and Megan Madsen.


It was a fantastic event that inspired young women in physics.


For more info, please visit the conference website: https://cuwip.physics.wisc.edu.