Week 1 at the Pole

Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF

A relatively quiet week at the Pole … but sunny! IceCube winterover Martin captured a bright, radiating sun as it appeared to rest on the roof of the IceCube Lab (ICL). Sunny or not, no flights made it in or out last week, postponing Martin’s week of R&R that had been scheduled. But work continued. The IceTop snow sensor and the IceACT projects made progress. And there was a Swedish camera run, attended to by some IceCubers and a visitor in the ICL, shown in the image below. Also, a few brave souls embarked on a marathon held last week. A group of runners posed outside as they got ready for the race.

Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF
Gwenhael De Wasseige, IceCube/NSF