We have an active program of visitors to our center. In keeping with our vision, we encourage and support visits from researchers who have interests, or who wish to develop interests, in several of our research areas. This exchange of ideas and expertise is part of the collaborative nature of physics studies.

WIPAC hosts three kinds of visitors: seminar guests, short term scholars working with someone on a joint project, and longer term scholars working on their own research. Visitors work directly with a faculty member or scientist to plan their visit to WIPAC, and staff are available to help find housing, obtain travel documents, and arrange for office space.

Current and Upcoming Visitors

Grant Parker, University of Texas at Arlington, 01/06/2020 – 06/06/2022, Host: Dr. Carlos Arguelles.

Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Institute of Physics, Sainik School Post, India, 03/29/2022 – 12/28/2022, Host: Dr. Francis Halzen.

Past Visitors

Marjon Moulai, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 08/01/2016 – 06/01/2020, Host: Prof. Francis Halzen

Spencer Griswold, University of Rochester, 07/01/2019 – 08/14/2019, Host: Mike DuVernois

Grant Parker, University of Texas at Arlington, 05/18/2019 – 08/10/2019, Host: Prof. Francis Halzen

Steve Sclafani, Drexel University, 07/01/2019 – 08/09/2019, Host: John Kelley

Ben Smithers, University of Texas at Arlington, 05/15/2019 – 08/03/2019, Host: Prof. Francis Halzen