Week 17 at the Pole

Person outdoors working on IceAct telescope, wearing red headlamp and lit from above by bright moon.
Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF

The moon was out big time last week, and it was bright enough to allow the IceCube winterovers to turn off their headlamps a bit while they were working outside. Both the above and below images show Josh in the middle of removing the cover from the IceAct telescope that is on the roof of the IceCube Lab. It was a job that requires some dexterity, but with gloves off they had to work fast because it was rather windy last week, too. For fun, they had a trivia night and a community meal, with other folks chipping in with cooking on a night the kitchen crew is off. That’s Josh again in the bottom image, stirring up a batch of sauteed kale. That greenhouse does come in handy.

Person wearing red headlamp facing camera and waving, standing next to IceAct telescope, with bright moon just above their head.
Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF
Person seen from side, standing at industrial stove and stirring a pan of greens.
Danielle Simmons, ASC