Week 2 at the Pole

NSF/A. Dixon

At first glance it looks like IceCube winterover Stephan has sprouted some new teeth at the Pole. But they’re just ice clumps, not to worry. Stephan got them while he was participating in a half marathon—and out in the extreme cold, with temperatures around -30 °C, this is not an event for the faint of heart. He’s clearly happy with his performance, and perhaps with the fact that he did not end up with any frostbite.

This week found IceCubers at the South Pole involved in a number of other activities—joining in on two webcasts (one in Spanish since visiting PolarTREC teacher Armando Caussade is a native Puerto Rican), traveling to and fro (while passing the marathon runners) by PistenBully (which the winterovers trained on recently), and gathering for a group photo at the ceremonial pole.

NSF/S. Richter
NSF/S. Richter
NSF/S. Richter
NSF/M. Nicewonger