Week 1 at the Pole

NSF/S. de Ridder

Tagged any good muons lately? Maybe you just aren’t using the right equipment. Last week at the South Pole, IceCube folks set up equipment for some muon tagger runs—special calibration tests of the IceTop stations. You can see the various components that they set up in the image above, with the IceCube Laboratory (ICL) some distance off in the background.

It was a busy week overall at the Pole, with visitors arriving and departing, effort spent on ARA repairs and calibrations, an open house at the ICL, and a Sunday Science lecture about IceCube. And for the winterovers, a special treat: five consecutive days of early morning pages to debug and troubleshoot issues. Here’s hoping for a trouble-free week to come!

NSF/A. Caussade
NSF/E. Beiser