WIPAC high school internship program now accepting applications

hs interns
Image: L.Boritzke, WIPAC

“The high school internship at WIPAC was easily one of the highlights of my senior year. It was an amazing experience getting to talk to and work one-on-one with grad students,” says former WIPAC intern Collin Buelo. “I would highly recommend the program to any high school student thinking about going into any area of physics.”

The high school internship program, which runs during the academic year, has brought dozens of students together to learn about astrophysics at the IceCube project’s lead institution. Based on the success of the program, WIPAC is pleased to open applications for fall 2014.

Interns will participate in real-world physics experiments, learn how to write computer programs, get to know working astrophysicists, and contribute to data processing. All interested students are encouraged to apply; no physics or programming background is necessary.

“Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new,” Matthew Plewa, another former intern, says. “If you’re even the least bit interested in physics, engineering, or programing, this is an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up.”

The internship is scheduled for Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm and will run from October 2nd to December 11th. Sessions will be held at WIPAC, located on the fifth floor of 222 W. Washington Ave. in Madison.

WIPAC’s internships give students the opportunity to participate in real-world physics experiments and make influential connections. Interested applicants should sign up by Monday, September 22nd, at 5 pm. Applications are available for download here. For more information, please email: hs-intern@wipac.wisc.edu.