Week 51 at the Pole

Person in red parka seen from behind on snowmobile headed toward station.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF

There was lots of activity at the Pole last week. Some IceCube summer crew members are now there working alongside the winterovers. The early part of the week was dedicated to hardware repairs and upgrades at the IceCube Lab. They also packed up cargo, including hard drives destined for long-term storage in Madison, which they transported back to the station via snowmobile, above. Since the Christmas holidays fell at the end of last week, the station held to traditions, with a formal dinner and an annual run—the “Race Around the World.” That’s IceCube winterover Hrvoje below, participating in the race on skis and in full costume. (IceCube winterover Marc got his exercise in before the race with a bit of sledding fun.) After the event, a few folks posed for a photo op at the ceremonial Pole.

Person on ladder holding drill with very long drill bit, seen from below with blue sky and clouds in background.
Sean Griffin, IceCube/NSF
Person skiing in full costume.
Matthew Hadley, ASC-Amentum
Photo collage of person tumbling while sledding.
Dillon Dieringg, ASC
Four people posing in front of mirrored globe at ceremonial South Pole.
Matthew Hadley, ASC-Amentum