Week 48 at the Pole

Four winterovers in parkas posing with a small airplane on the ice behind them.
Joshua Leyba, NSF

It was a busy week at the Pole. Last year’s IceCube winterovers, Martin and Josh, finally boarded a departing flight after weather delays had caused them to remain at the South Pole longer than planned. They’re in the middle of the image above, with hands up waving goodbye—thanks, Martin and Josh! The rest of the week was full of activity. For IceCube, there was continued scheduled work at the IceCube Lab and the arrival of science cargo to be sorted. And for station life, they had science community cooking and a guided tour of BiCEP. But perhaps most exciting was the solar eclipse. Many folks at the Pole were focused on getting a good photograph of the eclipse, but check out the composite image made by SPT winterover Aman Chokshi—nice!

Composite image of moon in blue sky above the South Pole Telescope as it goes through stages of being eclipsed by the sun.
Aman Chokshi, SPT/NSF