Week 40 at the Pole

IceCube winterovers holding US and British flags next to geographic South Pole sign.
Danielle Simmons, ASC

Last week was relatively quiet at the Pole. But with station opening just a few weeks away, the station personnel had their final all-hands meeting, at which they held their yearly raffle of flags that had been outside all winter. The harsh elements take a toll on these flags, so come summer, they get replaced, and the old ones are adopted by the winterovers in a raffle. Josh was hoping to win the British flag but didn’t—however, the person who won it gave it to Josh anyway. Nice. Martin was hoping to win the Norwegian flag and didn’t—but he did win the US flag! So both of IceCube’s winterovers ended up happy campers.

IceCube winterover Josh standing next to British flag.
Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF
IceCube winterover Martin standing next to US flag.
Josh Veitch-Michaelis, IceCube/NSF