Week 4 at the Pole

Long view of greenhouse with thriving plants.
Kalvin Moschkau, IceCube/NSF

First, there’s the greenhouse…and this is what it looks like after a harvest. IceCube winterover Kalvin assisted with last week’s harvest, something he was looking forward to doing even before starting his time at the South Pole. People there really appreciate the salads and greens provided by the greenhouse, especially in the winter months when no fresh produce—“freshies” as they say—arrives at the Pole.

Second, there’s the training…it seems the folks at the Pole are always training at one thing or another. Last week, they had their first outdoor technical drill. It involved extracting someone from an underground ice vault. First, they had to package up a dummy in a rescue rig and lower it into a vault so that they could perform the extraction. This was a complex exercise that brought together many weeks of training.

Third, there’s the party…with a beach theme and recommended (but not mandatory) Hawaiian attire. Drinks, conversation, and pool—life at the Pole sounds good!

A sled rigged and wrapped for outdoor ERT training at the Pole.
Thibault Romand, BICEP//NSF
Several people at the Pole working outside on cabling a rigged up sled for a training exercise.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF
Lowering a training sled into an underground ice vault at the South Pole.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF
Group of people in party setting with pool table in foreground.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF