Week 3 at the Pole

Person in dark outerwear seen head on as they run full marathon outside at the South Pole, with another person out of focus behind them.
Michael Rayne, ARFF/NSF

Running a full marathon is one thing (and one that most of us find hard to wrap our heads around), but running a marathon at the South Pole? Now there’s some conviction! Every year, the South Pole hosts a full marathon, along with a half marathon and other races, and sometimes IceCube members are among the participants. This year, winterover Kalvin stepped up—that’s Kalvin above on the third of four laps for the race. Apparently the finish line is inside the station, as evidenced by the winner Beni Snow’s approach to the finish line in the image below. With the face mask off indoors, we can more fully appreciate the intensity of the effort. Remember, it’s not only a full marathon, but it’s run at high altitude (at over 9,000 ft) and under extremely cold conditions (not sure how the winds were that day). In the third photo, participants of the various races are passing each other out on the ice.

Other activities last week? There were various training events, activities at the IceCube Lab (inventory and a tour), filming, and a science lecture. IceCube winterover Connor also took the opportunity to help out with routine maintenace at the South Pole Telescope, where he captured a great photo of the telescope against a beautiful blue sky.

Person inside the South Pole station as they finish full marathon race, with pained expression.
Michael Rayne, ARFF/NSF
Group of race participants passing each other out on polar ice.
Michael Rayne, ARFF/NSF
South Pole Telescope with bright blue sky in background.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF