Week 28 at the Pole

Long view of donuts hanging from strings for a donut eating contest, with people waiting in the wings.
Hrvoje Dujmovic, IceCube/NSF

Christmas in July continued last week with all sorts of activities, ranging from a pool tournament to a pie-eating contest. And for those who enjoy competitive eating, they weren’t limited to just pies—a “donuts on a string” eating contest was also part of the festivities. In addition, the station held a Christmas trivia night and a gingerbread house decorating event. Check out the creation by IceCube winterover Marc’s team below, a 100% edible display of the old South Pole dome station and the ceremonial pole (reminiscent of GBBO?). Nice work! Otherwise it was a relatively quiet week for the IceCube detector. Outside, the moon was gone but the skies were clear, treating the station to some beautiful night sky viewing. Below are two different perspectives of the IceCube Lab.

Gingerbread display of the old South Pole dome station and ceremonial pole.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF
The IceCube Lab under some colorful auroras.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF
A 360-degree view of the IceCube Lab with starry sky overhead and low auroras.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF