Week 23 at the Pole

Group photo in the South Pole gym, with people in t-shirts the colors of the rainbow, and with arms up and holding rainbow flags.
Hrvoje Dujmovic, IceCube/NSF

It’s getting close to midwinter, when people in Antarctica, and other places, celebrate the southern winter solstice. In anticipation, South Pole station personnel took some group photos (above is one of them) to use as midwinter greeting cards, traditionally shared with other Antarctic stations. Last week at the Pole, IceCube’s winterovers spent a lot of time at the IceCube Lab, performing some RAM testing, where Marc took a photo of their indoor surroundings. Outdoors, Marc was balloon launching (still) last week, where he got a photo of the balloon launch as well as one of a laser shooting straight up into the sky behind the cryo building.

Indoor view of monitor and computer in foreground with rows of racks and orange cables in background.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF
Winterover in parka holding up a weather balloon outside the launch building, lit in red.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF
Vertical view of the cryo building at the South Pole, with a green laser shooting straight up into the starry sky from behind.
Marc Jacquart, IceCube/NSF