Week 15 at the Pole

The IceCube Lab at night.
Moreno Baricevic, IceCube/NSF

It’s finally getting dark at the Pole. Last week, IceCube winterovers went out to the IceCube Lab to do some inventory and check on the wind turbine on the roof. While there, they also covered up the windows to prevent light pollution during the dark winter. They are in the Dark Sector after all. But it was generally a quiet week. Last week’s emergency response team training for Moreno and Celas included practicing blood draws. It involved a little trust, but apparently it was smooth sailing.

Winterover in red parka checking equipment on roof of IceCube Lab at night.
Wenceslas Marie-Sainte, IceCube/NSF
Winterover prepping another winterover’s arm for a blood draw practice.
Wenceslas Marie-Sainte, IceCube/NSF