Week 10 at the Pole

The IceCube Lab seen from a distance, with a darkening cloudy sky before sunset.
Connor Duffy, IceCube/NSF

As the sun continues to lower at the South Pole, shadows lengthen and the sky gradually darkens. The station in general has been settling into its winter groove, with everyone “volunteering” in shared activities—dishpit, house mouse (cleaning), greenhouse checks, and trash collection—to keep things running smoothly throughout the winter. Last week, IceCube’s winterovers were also kept busy with daily detector operations, several trips out to the IceCube Lab (above), and a webcast that served as the South Pole stop for a group of middle school students on a virtual 24-hour journey around the globe.

Two people participating in a video call, viewed from the side, seated in front of monitors at conference room table.
Kevin Zagorski, SPT/NSF