Week 2 at the Pole

Max Renschler, NSF

Even though the end of the summer season feels like it’s fast approaching, things have still been busy at the South Pole. Work got underway for both the new surface radio antennas and the new IceAct telescopes. Hands and arms were raised in celebration on completing the first 30-meter cable trench for one of the radio antennas. A team from Arctic Trucks visited the ICL last week and even allowed some folks to take their vehicles for a spin. With all the project work going on, IceCube was running perfectly last week, with some of the highest uptimes possible. Appropriately, the week ended in a celebratory fashion with an open mic session and a party.

Lu Lu, IceCube/NSF
Lu Lu, IceCube/NSF
Arctic Trucks
Eric Steig, NSF