Week 23 at the Pole

Raffaela Busse, IceCube/NSF

Nice snow drift! Or sastruga, as one might say at the Pole. This enormous snow structure appeared inside the logistics arch, which is a large unheated storage facility, pushed through to the inside through closed doors. That is one strong wind (or one leaky door). Most of the week was windy and stormy, leaving little time to play outside, a disappointment to say the least for the winterovers. But there were a few breaks in the storms, allowing some nice photos to be taken here and there, like this full moon and halo above the station. And anyway, when life gives you lemons, you … make lemonade paella.

Raffaela Busse, IceCube/NSF
Raffaela Busse, IceCube/NSF
Michael Rueb, NSF