Week 6 at the Pole

Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF

A cloud of snow dust appears in the wake of the last flight out of the South Pole for the season. Well…almost. It was supposed to be the last flight, but unforeseen circumstances (they do crop up every so often) caused a few summer personnel to delay their departure a few more days. Delays can be a nuisance, but so close to the end of the summer season, they’re even more likely to produce anxiety since in winter there’s no leaving the Pole once the last flight has gone.

IceCube winterovers Christian and Mack were busy with a number of tasks last week, among them some re-cabling work in the ICL (IceCube Lab). First there’s Christian, feeding cables in on one side of the wall, and then Mack is shown on the other side of the wall, pulling out old cables and fishing for the new ones. The image at the bottom is back outside, showing the skiway, soon to be abandoned, as it stretches straight back toward the horizon.

Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF
Mack van Rossem, IceCube/NSF
Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF