Week 48 at the Pole

Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF

The number of IceCube personnel at the South Pole station during the past few summers is nothing like it used to be. Back in the days of detector construction, the number of staff on the ice would be in the double digits at this point. Instead, this week’s current count is six, including the recent arrival seen in the photo above. Others can be seen working (or yucking it up?) in the B2 science lab, below. It was a relatively quiet week at the Pole—there was a nice sun halo for show and maintenance on one of the station’s generators provided some entertainment. Interested parties got to be involved. IceCube winterover Christian tried his hand at removing a bolt. Doesn’t look too easy.

Christian Krueger, IceCube/NSF
Leif Raedel, IceCube/NSF
John Kelley, IceCube/NSF