Week 42 at the Pole

Stephan Richter, IceCube/NSF

IceCube winterover Stephan Richter took this wide angle shot of the South Pole station’s galley—in a completely empty state, not likely to found this way much longer since summer personnel will be arriving soon. The galley will be a bit busier with the expanded station population. The first two incoming planes of the season arrived the previous week, but heavy winds and low visibility last week stopped two of three scheduled flights from showing up. One made it, though, a second twin otter, shown landing in the image below. Also last week, all the winterovers voted on the design of their group photo, to join a long line of such photos, shown hanging on an interior station wall in the final image below. A select group of individuals, to be sure.

Stephan Richter, IceCube/NSF
Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF