Week 33 at the Pole

Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF

The sun is not yet up, but the sky is definitely brightening in its direction. The image below, however, shows that it’s still early twilight and generally quite dark at the Pole. This photo was taken at the same location and time as the one above, just in the opposite direction—quite the contrast. In the fun-and-games arena, last week brought results from the 48-hour Antarctic Film Festival, with South Pole’s entry taking third place in both the “best film” and “most novel use of props” categories. Also on station, a prowling polar bear. Twilight brings out strange things. A friendly bear, though, no casualties.

Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF
Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF
Stephan Richter, IceCube/NSF