Week 31 at the Pole

Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF

It’s still dark at the South Pole, with sunrise not for a while yet. So don’t be confused—that was the moon, not the sun, setting behind the South Pole Telescope. Once it had set, some bright and lively green auroras took over the sky. Indoors, the green was in the greenhouse, where cucumbers and tomatoes were ripening on their vines. Also indoors were the week’s extracurricular activities: watching and voting on film festival entries, a darts match (still?), and bingo night on Saturday. Maybe it was the indoor fun that led someone to mark their “approval” on the window of a door to the outside.

Stephan Richter, IceCube/NSF
Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF
Erik Beiser, IceCube/NSF