Week 7 at the Pole

NSF/D. Larsen

At the South Pole, apparently there’s “cold” and then there’s “really cold.” IceCube winterover Dag’s frosted visage tells you he’s in cold country, but his open coat perhaps gives away that it’s not yet “really cold.” Dag recently got in a quick trek to McMurdo station on the coast, where he snapped a photo of some lounging seals. None to be found at the South Pole of course. And now that the last plane has gone, the remaining station crew are left to settle in for the long, cold winter. Part of settling in is taking care of any outdoor activites that can be done now while it’s still warm (or, just “cold”). Their rewards? A simple dessert and a beautiful moon in the still sunlit sky.

NSF/D. Larsen
NSF/D. Larsen
NSF/I. Rees