Week 45 at the Pole

NSF/R. Auer

Last week, winterovers Erik and Stephan arrived, and this week Dag and Ian are leaving. Here they are, all four together out on the ice for the last time.

An early activity for this week was a Swedish camera run. What’s that? Well, during final IceCube construction, they lowered a specially designed two-camera system, the “Swedish camera,” into one of the boreholes to study the properties of the hole ice. It captured video while it was lowered to the bottom of the hole and during the freeze-in stage, and maintenance runs of the camera are still scheduled periodically. Below you can see the control box for the camera—and as the newly arrived winterovers commented, using it makes you feel a bit like you’re Agent 007. Some images of and from the camera can also be found here.

Further below are some more photos of the comings and goings at the Pole during the week. Looks like they had great flying weather.

NSF/E. Beiser
NSF/E. Beiser
NSF/E. Beiser
NSF/E. Beiser