Week 47 at the Pole

Dag arrive
NSF/I. Rees

Open coat? No hat? It must be summer at the South Pole. Well, although it’s sunny outside it would probably be a stretch to call it warm, for those of us not used to it anyway. Dag Larsen, one of IceCube’s two winterovers for this season, has finally arrived (above), and he may or may not be used to the cold, but one thing is sure—he has plenty of time to get used to it. He and Ian Rees are at the beginning of their winterover experience at the South Pole, working with many others at the station during the summer season and then staying on to maintain the detector during the quiet winter months. The photo below shows some typical summer activity—loading cargo—here with the first crate arriving at the IceCube Lab.

NSF/D. Larsen