Tuesday, July 16 2019

IceCube, the Antarctic neutrino detector that in July of 2018 helped unravel one of the oldest riddles in physics and astronomy — the origin of high-energy neutrinos and cosmic rays — is getting an upgrade.

Friday, November 08 2019

Things "warmed" up a bit at the Pole last week. And there were sun dogs back in the skies and some interesting snow formations on the ground. 

Thursday, October 31 2019

One of the first flights of the season is shown in this monochromatic image that rather dramatically portrays the desolate landscape of the Pole.

Thursday, October 31 2019

DM-Ice, or Dark Matter-Ice, is searching for dark matter in the Southern Hemisphere. In celebration of Dark Matter Day, celebrated internationally every year on October 31, we speak to Matt Kauer, an assistant researcher on DM-Ice who is stationed at WIPAC.

Friday, October 25 2019

Well, there it is, the first plane to arrive at the South Pole for the season—a Basler.   It only stopped long enough to refuel, but that was plenty of time to unload its precious cargo of fresh fruit.

Friday, October 18 2019

The sun is well above the horizon, so there’s plenty of light for outdoor photography.  And IceCube’s winterovers got right out there to take some splashy photos—that actually involved a splash of sorts, by throwing water out into an arc overhead that quickly turned into a spray of ice crystals.