Tuesday, July 16 2019

IceCube, the Antarctic neutrino detector that in July of 2018 helped unravel one of the oldest riddles in physics and astronomy — the origin of high-energy neutrinos and cosmic rays — is getting an upgrade.

Tuesday, March 02 2021

The South Pole station has closed for the winter, as the last plane carrying passengers leaves the Pole. 

Monday, February 22 2021

It’s still light outside, but winter at the South Pole is fast approaching, and departures last week Caption well outnumbered the arrivals. 

Tuesday, February 16 2021

IceCube collaborator and Harvard physics professor Carlos A. Argüelles Delgado has been selected as a 2021 Sloan Research Fellow in Physics.

Monday, February 15 2021

It takes a lot of fuel to keep things operating all year long at the South Pole, and all that fuel must be transported to this remote locale. 

Thursday, February 04 2021

If you want to take inventory of a shipping container’s contents, you have to get inside first, and that can mean shoveling snow first.