Chasing the Ghost Particle

Deep in the ice at the heart of Antarctica, IceCube, the biggest and strangest detector in the world waits for mysterious messengers from the cosmos. Scientists are using tiny and elusive particles called neutrinos to explore the most extreme places in the universe. These ghostly neutrinos give us an exclusive way to study powerful cosmic engines like exploding stars and black holes.

In this 30-minute show, stunning simulations of the most energetic places in our universe, and the galaxies around us, are the prelude to a thrilling journey inside IceCube, looking for traces of neutrino collisions in the ice. From one of the most remote locations on Earth to the unexplored regions of the cosmos, “Chasing the Ghost Particle: From the South Pole to the Edge of the Universe” will take you on a journey you won’t forget.

“Chasing the Ghost Particle” is a co-production of WIPAC and the Milwaukee Public Museum. For information about bringing this show to a planetarium near you, please contact Jim Madsen.

Download the show poster (pdf).

Ghost Particle Download

The flat screen version of “Chasing the Ghost Particle” is available for educational use at no charge. The download is available with German or Spanish subtitles. Please contact us,, if you have questions about acceptable use of this film.