Kael Hanson

Kael Hanson

Kael Hanson, professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has played a major role in the development and construction of IceCube, first managing the development of the IceCube optical modules and later the IceCube data acquisition system. After spending six years as a faculty member in the Department of Physics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium, where he led the particle astrophysics group, he returned to serve as director of WIPAC and the director of operations for IceCube from 2014 to 2022. His principal research interests include high-energy neutrino astrophysics and related instrumentation, design of digital logic systems, in particular, precision time applications, and firmware development. In addition to IceCube, he is also a member of the ARA Collaboration. Hanson’s complete CV is available to download.

Select Publications

The IceCube Data Acquisition System: Signal Capture, Digitization, and Timestamping
IceCube Collaboration: R. Abbasi et al(Journal Article) Nuclear Instruments and Methods A601 (2009) 294-316, 1 April 2009

PMm2: R&D on triggerless acquisition for next generation neutrino experiments
J E Campagne, S Conforti Di Lorenzo, S Drouet, D Duchesneau, F Dulucq, N Dumont-Dayot, A El Berni, J Favier, A Gallas, B Genolini, K Hanson, N Hauchecorne, R Hermel, M Imre, B Ky, C de La Taille, J Maltese, A Maroni, G Martin-Chassard, T Nguyen Trung, J Peyré, J Pouthas, E Rindel, P Rosier, L Séminor, J Tassan, C Théneau, E Wanlin and A Zghiche(Journal Article) Journal of Instrumentation 6 (2011) C01081

Performance of two Askaryan Radio Array stations and first results in the search for ultra-high energy neutrinos
ARA Collaboration: P. Allison et al(Journal Article) Phys. Rev. D93 (2016) 8, 082003; e-print archive arXiv: 1507.08991[astro-ph.HE]
journals.aps.org | arxiv.org

On the feasibility of RADAR detection of high-energy neutrino-induced showers in ice
Krijn D. de Vriesa, Kael Hanson, Thomas Meures(Journal Article) Astroparticle Physics 60 (2015) 25-31

A bi-directional fixed-latency clock distribution system
Y. Yang, A. Ó Murchadha, T. Meures, M. Korntheuer, K. Hanson(Journal Article) Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A732 (2013) 497-500

Honors and Awards

  • Bureau Facultaire au Doyen de la Faculté de Sciences ULB (2012–2014) (advisor to the Dean of the Faculty of Science at ULB)
  • Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment photomultiplier system review (2007)
  • Graduate School Committee on Academic Staff Issues, University of Wisconsin–Madison (2007–2008)
  • IceCube project management board member (2005–2008)
  • Early career scientist representative to IceCube Collaboration Board (2002)


(608) 890-0540
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Department of Physics
4207 Chamberlin Hall
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
222 W Washington Ave
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