Thursday, September 06 2018

WIPAC and the Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL) are kicking off the school year with a September exhibition featuring artworks inspired by scientific research led by physicists from UW–Madison, including scientists from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory as well as faculty from the Department of Physics.


Friday, September 21 2018

Just because the sun’s coming up, doesn’t mean it’s getting warmer yet.  In fact, they’ve had some tremendously cold days at the Pole, with the thermometer hitting –100 F last week. 

Friday, September 14 2018

As the sun rises and brightens the sky, thoughts turn to the arrival of summer visitors.  Still a ways off, but there is plenty of station prep and cleaning to be done in the meantime.  Outside, the IceCube Lab and some other structures are now becoming visible again in daylight.

Friday, September 07 2018

The satellite dome sits frosted over as it waits for the sunrise—here it’s shown backlit by a full moon.  It’s a peaceful scene, which is also how IceCube’s winterovers generally described last week at the Pole. 

Thursday, August 30 2018

IceCube winterover Johannes’s camera withstood a time-lapse session outdoors last week—a little frosty looking afterward but still able to crank out some fine-looking photos. 

Thursday, August 23 2018

False alarm from week 32—aurora viewing remained in full force last week at the Pole.  In fact, the skies were graced with some purple auroras, pretty rare in general, even at the bottom of the world.