Thursday, February 08 2018

After a five-year John Bahcall postdoctoral fellowship at WIPAC, astroparticle physicist Markus Ahlers returned to Europe in February 2017. Currently an assistant professor in the Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology research group at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Markus is now enjoying one of those dreams come true: the birth of his own research team. A Villum Young Investigator grant for 7.350.000 DDK ($1.2 million), which he was formally awarded on January 23, has secured the foundation of a new research group.

Monday, February 19 2018

Last week, WIPAC graduate student Rishabh Khandelwal shared his experiences living and working at the South Pole in an outreach talk for homeschool students.

Friday, February 16 2018

At WIPAC, Juan Carlos Díaz-Vélez leads the simulation production for IceCube, but he has also been busy as a PhD candidate of the Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico. Yesterday, the Centro Universitario de los Valles (CUVALLES) in Guadalajara awarded him the best post-graduate thesis in 2017, acknowledging his contributions to the study of cosmic rays with HAWC and IceCube.

Friday, February 09 2018

The summer season is nearing its end.  So IceCube’s winterovers were busy helping summer crew wrap up their tasks.  That included some cleaning and recabling in the ICL.

Thursday, February 01 2018

IceCube winterover Raffaela got to see some amazing wildlife on her break, but check out what Johannes spotted on his R&R trip to McMurdo.  That’s an icebreaker, which is needed to cut channels through the thick sea ice to allow fuel and cargo vessels to reach McMurdo Station.

Friday, January 26 2018

When you see mountains and wildlife, you know we’re not at the South Pole anymore.  But we are still in Antarctica, and these first few images are from IceCube winterover Raffaela’s R&R trip to McMurdo.