Friday, March 24 2017

The fourth edition of the IceCube Masterclass hosted over 200 students at 14 institutions in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the US. Stony Brook University, which joined the masterclass program for the first time, had a full program for women.  The positive interaction with scientists is again one of the things that students value most from this program. The masterclasses were held on March 8, 11 and 22.

Thursday, May 18 2017

There are privileges that come with winterovering at the South Pole.  Being able to step outside and gaze up at spectacular aurora displays is one of them.  Working in the dish pit?  Well, maybe that’s on the other side of that coin. 

Friday, May 12 2017

If you find yourself at the South Pole, and the sky above you is sparkling with stars and shimmering with auroras, you might just want to lie down and stare straight up for best effect.  That’s what winterover Martin did recently, seen here in front of the flags at the ceremonial South Pole. 

Wednesday, May 10 2017

The Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC) was excited to recently host two meetings on the UW–Madison campus. The IceCube Collaboration spring meeting was held from May 2–6 at Union South, and the 2017 IceCube Particle Astrophysics Symposium: Multimessenger Astronomy (IPA 2017) followed, from May 8–10, at Discovery and Union South.

Friday, May 05 2017

It surely is a staircase to the stars.  That’s the ICL’s staircase, set against a backdrop of bright auroras low in the sky with a wide swath of the Milky Way above.  Last week at the Pole was very much like the previous one—a well-behaved, quiet detector and an active night sky. 

Friday, April 28 2017

Arms up—let’s hear it for auroras!  With an extremely stable IceCube detector that needed little attention last week, IceCube winterover Martin was able to train his focus on the glorious skies.