Friday, March 24 2017

The fourth edition of the IceCube Masterclass hosted over 200 students at 14 institutions in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the US. Stony Brook University, which joined the masterclass program for the first time, had a full program for women.  The positive interaction with scientists is again one of the things that students value most from this program. The masterclasses were held on March 8, 11 and 22.

Monday, October 16 2017

The international particle physics community has launched a new outreach program to raise awareness about one of the big open questions in physics: dark matter.  Dark Matter Day will be celebrated on and around October 31 in cities all around the world. In Madison, the celebration starts early, on October 18, with a talk by Professor Carsten Rott, visiting from Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, about the search for dark matter.

Friday, October 13 2017

The sun sure does make things shiny.  The face of the station appears dark and flat, but the “beer can,” the large cylindrical tower on the end that connects the aboveground station to belowground corridors, is glowing in the face of the newly risen sun.  So is that interesting snowdrift in the foreground. 

Tuesday, October 10 2017

Just because the sun is now up, doesn’t mean you can see everything clearly.  Check out the poor visibility in this image of a flag line just outside the station, disappearing into whiteness.  The 40-knot storm made outdoor work impossible and therefore restricted. 

Monday, October 09 2017

The 4th Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Workshop (CRA 2017) starts today in Guadalajara, Mexico. Hosted by the University of Guadalajara and co-organized by WIPAC, this four-day workshop will include discussions about the origin of the anisotropy of cosmic rays and their spectral anomalies in different energies.

Monday, October 02 2017

Last week we saw that someone had pulled up a chair to watch the sunrise, this week there are two.  And these two people are actually watching the sun—it has been climbing higher and higher all week and is now officially up.