Tuesday, July 16 2019

IceCube, the Antarctic neutrino detector that in July of 2018 helped unravel one of the oldest riddles in physics and astronomy — the origin of high-energy neutrinos and cosmic rays — is getting an upgrade.

Monday, May 17 2021

Some people love to camp out in tents. But outside at the South Pole? Not sure how many takers there would be for that.

Thursday, May 13 2021

The moon was bright enough to allow the IceCube winterovers to turn off their headlamps a bit while they were working outside.

Thursday, May 06 2021

Among all the healthy activities at the Pole lately is the “Climb to Mt. Everest” challenge, performed by climbing the stairs of the “beer can.”

Tuesday, May 04 2021

The first auroras of the season are always an exciting time, especially for those folks lucky enough to be at the Pole.

Friday, April 23 2021

The flags at the ceremonial pole were captured in shadow against a colorful horizon after sunset.