Friday, August 19 2016
The 2016 WIPAC-QuarkNet internship hosted students from Madison, Cottage Grove, and Janesville, Wisconsin, and even one from Glen Allen, Virginia. Jeff Leider, a high school teacher in Janesville, and WIPAC mentors Justin, Matt, Colin, Cassidy and Sílvia had high expectations for this group of students selected from over 50 applicants for the second edition of the summer internship. But these teens far exceeded them!

Friday, August 26 2016

The igloo—the prime attraction at the South Pole for the last few weeks—is no more. But before “disappearing,” its existence was memorialized in some final photos. Here you can see it with the names of its builders carved into the side, and it appears to almost glow from the soft white light from within.

Wednesday, August 17 2016

The igloo from last week is finally finished. What began as an afternoon project ended up taking an entire week (well, high winds were partly to blame). In the image, you can see the igloo lit from within, and perhaps even discern that there are only few blocks missing to complete the ceiling.

Wednesday, August 10 2016

That’s not the IceCube Lab all frosted up in this photo but the ARO (Atmospheric Research Observatory) building, with its LIDAR beams shown shooting straight up into the sky.

Tuesday, August 02 2016

As the summer is heating up, two local high school students are chilling out working on some seriously cool science. Nicolas Dupaty from Madison East High School and Emily Jean Zerger from Madison West are research interns with the South Pole-based IceCube Neutrino Observatory.

Tuesday, August 02 2016

Station life was quiet at the South Pole last week, but not too quiet. They celebrated Christmas in July with a special dinner. Popular in many parts of the world, for various reasons, Christmas in July is only one of numerous celebrations held throughout the year at the Pole.