Friday, March 24 2017

The fourth edition of the IceCube Masterclass hosted over 200 students at 14 institutions in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the US. Stony Brook University, which joined the masterclass program for the first time, had a full program for women.  The positive interaction with scientists is again one of the things that students value most from this program. The masterclasses were held on March 8, 11 and 22.

Friday, June 23 2017

What a busy week at the Pole.  It was Midwinter there, marking the halfway point of the long, dark winter. They held their traditional viewing of “The Shining” and celebratory dinner, including salads, menus, and fancy décor.  Also last week was the culmination of a station-wide facial hair contest. 

Friday, June 16 2017

The moon was up last week, making it quite bright outside—it almost looks like sunshine.  But it’s winter at the Pole, and IceCube’s winterovers have been busy.  They had to trek out to the ICL for one thing or another, and they also performed some regular maintenance procedures on DOMs, both in the ice and in IceTop. 

Thursday, June 08 2017

Another busy week for IceCube’s winterovers—they were paged several times to deal with crashes and other irregularities.  Despite the activity, the detector was quite stable with minimal down time.  The station had a special Memorial Day lunch last week, complete with hamburgers and hotdogs.  And auroras! 

Friday, June 02 2017

Last week, IceCube’s winterovers were quite busy.  There were a few battery and other power supply failures to troubleshoot and reckon with, and a couple of other minor detector issues—all resolved smoothly though.  In station life, they celebrated The Big Lebowski Night and international Towel Day.

Friday, May 26 2017

Kael Hanson, WIPAC director and a professor of physics at UW–Madison, has been awarded a UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative grant to explore the potential of the Askaryan radio detection method in the future upgrade of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, the so-called IceCube-Gen2 facility.