Week 51 at the Pole

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 - 2:30pm

A few people working outside on large, long black fuel bladders
Benjamin Eberhardt, IceCube/NSF

The second South Pole Overland Traverse (SPOT) arrived and toured the IceCube Lab last week.  Defueling the SPOT bladders can be a rough job, especially if the weather’s bad.  IceCube winterover Benjamin helped out, operating the pumphouse to transfer the 110,000 gallons of fuel (yes! it’s a lot) from the traverse into the station’s storage tanks.  Benjamin also helped park a Herc, below—here under skies that couldn’t have been clearer.  The IceCube detector was well behaved, leaving plenty of time for gingerbread baking and decorating.

Two people directing a Herc at South Pole under clear skies
C. LaPrad, NSF

Smiling person behind counter displaying group of gingerbread houses
J. Hensel, NSF

Two people smiling, holding between them a tray with decorated gingerbread structure
Kathrin Mallot, IceCube/NSF