Week 47 at the Pole

Friday, December 6, 2019 - 11:00am

Back of person in red parka looking out on South Pole landscape, waiting
Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF

IceCube was running smoothly last week.  But it hasn’t been such smooth sailing this year for cargo arrivals. Delays have presented challenges to the folks at the Pole trying to keep their work on schedule.  On the plus side, a summer crew member showed up with a supply of IceCube beanie hats in tow, making lots of people at the station happy.  Also last week, they celebrated Thanksgiving in the station, with the galley full of people enjoying a great meal together.

Traffic (small plane and misc snow vehicles) at the South Pole
Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF

Group photo of folks in red parkas
Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF

South Pole station galley filled with lots of people seated at long tables for a mealan
John Hardin, IceCube/NSF