Week 4 at the Pole

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 11:45am

Group of people in red parkas walking toward a plane at the South Pole
John Hardin, IceCube/NSF

The last of IceCube’s summer crew have departed from the South Pole, leaving IceCube winterovers John and Yuya on their own.  They are well trained and ready for their adventure.  The station’s population on the whole is in decline, although a few more arrivals in the next few weeks are still expected to complete the winter crew.  Last week had some sunny days in which the crew of BICEP held an open house—their new array mount is shown below—and a nice photo was taken of the neighboring telescopes in the distance along the horizon.

Close-up of BICEP experiment's array mount
John Hardin, IceCube/NSF

Bright sun in blue sky with several South Pole telescope buildings in distance along horizon
Yuya Makino, IceCube/NSF