Week 4 at the Pole

Friday, February 8, 2019 - 1:30pm

Two people facing camera and holding a thermometer between them
Benjamin Eberhardt, IceCube/NSF

IceCube winterovers Benjamin and Kathrin are showing off a thermometer reading from last week, when temperatures in Madison, WI, and many other midwestern areas were colder than at the Pole.  Cold or not, when the sun is out you just want to sit outside and relax with a newspaper.  All of IceCube’s summer personnel have now departed, leaving Benjamin and Kathrin with a relatively quieter week.  But it was still busy, with some DOM troubleshooting and ICL preparations for winter along with outreach interviews.  While still at McMurdo station, IceCube staff gave a science talk to special guests and were treated to a cruise on the McMurdo icebreaker.

Two people sitting outside at the Pole in chairs, holding/reading newspapers
Benjamin Eberhardt, IceCube/NSF

Group photo indoors at NSF conference room at McMurdo
Mike DuVernois, IceCube/NSF

View from above of tip of icebreaker vessel and the icy waters beyond
Lu Lu, IceCube/NSF