Week 35 at the Pole

Friday, September 13, 2019 - 10:30am

Orange horizon at South Pole sunrise
Kathrin Mallot, IceCube/NSF

The sky is beginning to take on different colors at the Pole, depending on which direction you’re looking.  Above, there’s a hazy band of orange along the horizon, while below, facing the station, the sky appears blue—that’s the moon overhead, and you can see the orange of the horizon reflected in the station’s first few windows. One of the week’s highlights was removing the window covers, which remain up all winter long to block light from escaping.  They can finally look outside again to see the expansive white landscape before them.  The other excitement was a conference call with the International Space Station, where a former South Pole winterover is currently stationed.

View of part of South Pole station at sunrise
Kathrin Mallot, IceCube/NSF