Week 30 at the Pole

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 9:00am

Strong green auroras over ICL
Benjamin Eberhardt, IceCube/NSF

That’s a lot of green!—it looks like a backdrop fit for Wicked.  But views like this, of strong auroras over the IceCube Lab (ICL), will soon be gone, so the winterovers are capturing the night sky while they still can.  After the most recent storm died down, there was a good layer of snow that needed to be removed from both porches of the ICL, a chore made even less fun with the extreme temperatures, which had dropped to a new record low for the season, at almost -76 ºC (-104 ºF).  Below, without the auroras, the stars took center stage, with all three of Orion’s belt stars visible.

Starry sky over ICL
Benjamin Eberhardt, IceCube/NSF