Week 28 at the Pole

Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 1:45pm

LIDAR beam directed up into starry sky at south pole
Benjamin Eberhardt, IceCube/NSF

It was a busy week all around at the Pole.  The IceCube detector itself had a few issues for the winterovers to attend to, while the final week of the Polympics kept them busy as well.  The glory was IceCube’s in the 9-ball tournament, with Kathrin and Benjamin taking gold and silver in that event, respectively.  The skies had a lot going on last week, too.

Group photo in gym at south pole
Viktor Barricklow, NSF

Three people standing on awards platforms
Dave Riebel, NSF

Auroras and starry skies
Benjamin Eberhardt, IceCube/NSF