Week 28 at the Pole

Friday, July 20, 2018 - 9:30am

Bingo card with cracker pieces as tiles
Johannes Werthebach, IceCube/NSF

There were two bingos last week at the Pole: (1) the game, where some improvising was required for the tiles, and (2) the exclamation, which was well warranted for IceCube’s recent multimessenger results.  Most of the station joined IceCube’s winterovers to watch the press conference announcement in the galley.  The winterovers also trekked out to the ICL last week and captured a more artsy image of the building, looking almost as if it’s resting on a choppy sea.  The bottom image shows the entrance to the South Pole’s climbing wall, which currently requires a bit of climbing just to get in.

People seated around tables in station galley watching monitors
Raffaela Busse, IceCube/NSF

Red-lit image of IceCube Lab, blurry in background, with foreground of snow surface appearing as choppy waves
Johannes Werthebach, IceCube/NSF

Opened door, with snow blockage of almost a meter
Johannes Werthebach, IceCube/NSF