Wednesday, March 7
9:00am to 5:00pm
event type
outreach event

WIPAC will be hosting the IceCube Masterclass 2018 on March 7.  The masterclass allows students to analyze actual IceCube data: signals from tiny particles, called neutrinos, that have traveled through the universe over astronomical distances, bringing us information about extreme objects such as black holes or gamma-ray bursts.

What is an IceCube masterclass? 

An opportunity to get out of school and meet IceCube researchers 

An opportunity to learn more about our universe 

An opportunity to work with international partners 

Registration to attend the masterclass is free but mandatory. Every participant must be registered by a teacher from his/her school (see teachers section). Participation is limited to 20 to 40 students, depending on the site, and teachers are encouraged to submit student registration as soon as possible.

High school students need only a genuine interest in physics in order to participate, but keep in mind that the masterclass content targets sophomore students and above. 

Check out the Masterclass website here.