Tuesday, March 28 to Saturday, April 15
12:55pm to 12:55pm
WIPAC. 222 W. Washington Ave. Suite 500. Madison, WI, 53705
event type
outreach event

Join the WIPAC team at UW–Madison and engage in physics, programming, math and science communication. We are looking for a few creative and skilled high school students to work with us during the summer of 2017. Apply by April 15, 2017.

Learn what different cosmic messengers can tell us about the universe. We work with data from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, the DECO app and other telescopes on Earth and on satellites.

Work in a team and improve your communications skills.

Our ideal students are entering 11 or 12 grade in the fall. They are interested in subjects such as physics, astronomy, computer science or statistics.

TO APPLY, send an email describing your experiences and interest in the position to silvia.bravo at icecube.wisc.edu. This is a paid internship with a minimum commitment of 4 weeks, although 6 weeks is preferred.