Linux system administrator - DevOps

Linux System Administrator – DevOps

Position Summary:

The Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC) is seeking a systems administrator with strong Linux and DevOps skills. The position calls for creativity, innovativeness, and the ability to work well independently and as a team player. It also demands a passion for technology, an eye for detail, and a determined persistence in troubleshooting and solving issues.

The successful candidate will join a team that supports the scientific mission of several international collaborations of particle physicists. These missions rely on a computational facility of several thousand compute cores and over six petabytes of storage located at UW-Madison as well as a network of worldwide distributed computing resources.

Degree and area of specialization:

Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

A minimum of 3 years of Linux system administration experience is required. However, greater experience is a plus.

Required Skills:
- Strong knowledge of scripting languages such as Python
- Linux administration experience
- Service monitoring and troubleshooting
- Process automation
- Designing, coding, and using automated test software
- Using common software development tools for tasks such as revision control, software builds, and support tickets

Experience in any of the following is a plus:
- Distributed computing or HPC (e.g., cluster, grid, or cloud computing)
- Configuration management systems and automated server deployment
- Server deployment and orchestration in cloud environments
- Linux container related technologies
- Large-scale storage systems and distributed filesystems

The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to initiate and complete technical projects with minimal supervision. Attention to detail is necessary, as is maintaining a commitment to quality of service and user support.

Principal duties:

The successful candidate will work closely with a collaborative group that focuses on providing computing support for the IceCube scientific mission. The main goal of this group is to maximize the scientific output of this world-class experiment by providing an agile, robust, and scalable computing infrastructure that delivers and fulfills the evolving scientific needs. May require travel to the geographic South Pole.

- Work with project personnel to integrate distributed computing resources with IceCube data processing and simulation workflows and maximize their efficient usage. (25%)
- Development of middleware to enable scientific data processing and analysis on heterogeneous distributed computing infrastructure. (25%)
- Support for containerizing scientific applications and/or running them in heterogeneous environments from commercial clouds to specialized supercomputers. (20%)
- Maintenance and operations of data processing production infrastructure. (20%)
- Other scientific computing support duties as assigned. (10%)

Apply by Jun 14, 2017.

UW-Madison Official Title: INFORM PROCESS CONSLT(S44DN)

Full Time Salary Rate: Minimum \$48,333 annual (12 months). Maximum \$70,000 annual (12 months). Depending on Qualifications.

For the complete Position Vacancy Listing and application instructions, please visit the UW-Madison employment listing.

In pursuit of collaboration and discovery, WIPAC is committed to promoting an inclusive work environment, in which the benefits of a diverse staff are valued and the unique contributions of every individual are acknowledged equally.  WIPAC and UW–Madison are family-friendly workplaces and offer services to assist families, including dual-career couples and single parents, in their employment transition. Please visit for more information.